Campaign for Real Ale


Recent changes to the rules surrounding Covid finally allow the general public to return, both indoors and out, to the pub. And whilst this is incredibly refreshing and delightful news, we ask that our members continue to remain vigilant at all times. Progress with the vaccination programme, especially in our own branch area, has been exceptionally good and the results of this are reflected in the low case rates and deaths reported each week. However, already we see signs in the news of yet another new strain presenting challenges; and unfortunately, this is the nature of viruses - they evolve and adapt. So please - wear masks, sanitise, and follow the rules, and our chances of avoiding another lockdown increase dramatically.

The past months have been incredibly challenging for the hospitality sector, so we absolutely urge people to get out there and enjoy themselves, but to do so responsibly. Our landlords and landladies are doing everything they can to keep you safe. Keep them safe too, and let's do what we can to keep the great British pub alive.

Stay safe everyone, and happy drinking!